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Needs for CVHS67 Website

Biography Pages: We need you to send in a short biography to put on these pages. If you want you can send just the facts and they can be edited first before putting them on the site. For these pages we could really use a recent picture. Send a digital picture by email. Needs for Biography Pages:

Biographies and Pictures.
Needs for Memories Page:

Stories about you and your classmates during the time we were at CVHS.
Memories Page: We could use any funny, serious or embarrassing story or memory from our years at CVHS. It is hard to remember our time at Clayton Valley but there are certain times that stick out because of humor or trauma or drama. They don't have to take place at the school itself. It might be a humorous first date or going to a sporting event. You can have these memories published anonymously if you wish. Just email them to CVHS67.
Tributes Page: If you would like to contribute a memory or tribute to one of our classmates who is no longer with use you can email it and it will be posted. Also, if anyone is missing from the list please let us know. Needs for the Tribute Page:

Any thoughts or praises for our fellow alumni and also to up date our records.
Needs for Reunion Pages:

Pictures and Memorabilia
Reunion Pages: Do you have pictures from any of our reunions or memorabilia? Please scan them onto to you computer and send them by email. If you don't have a scanner Staples and other stores will put them on a disc for you and then you can put them on your computer and send them along. You will notice that some of our reunions are not represent on this page because we have no pictures from them.
Scrapbook Pages: Did you save newspaper clippings, pictures or any other source of information from your time in Concord. These do not have to have necessarily have anything to do with CVHS but does contain information about fellow students. For instance pictures of your elementary or junior high friends that are CVHS 67 grads. We could use spirit ribbons. Anything that can be scanned either at home or at a store and attached to an email would be most appreciated. If you want, you could mail them and we will personally guarantee that they will be send them back after putting them on the website. Needs for Scrapbook Pages:

Any pictures, newspaper clippings or memorabilia that pertain to the Class of 67 alumni.
Needs for Yearbook Page:

Class pictures from elementary schools.
Yearbook Pages: We have all the Clayton Valley, Loma Vista and El Dorado yearbooks. We could still use class pictures from the elementary schools. Again, you can either scan and send them or mail them and have them sent back.
Monetary needs: This website is being paid for with donations. It costs $20 a month to keep on the 'net. I will keep an accounting of all donations and post them here. If you would like to make a donation make the check out to 'CVHS67' and send it to :
Roger Hawkins
PO Box 2563
Arnold, CA 95223
Monetary Needs:

It costs $20 a month to keep this site.
We will keep you informed on any donations received on this website.