Eagle Pairings

While most individuals ultimately find a partner in life to settle down and raise a family, it's noteworthy when both individuals of the partnership are from the same school and/or class. It is with this in mind that we identify those partnerships where both individuals were from our class or school. (couples please send in an updated photo)


Class Couplings

Both individuals are Class of '67 alumni.

Debbi Stanley

Donn Setterquist

Bonnie Spark

John Keithly

Linda Grexton

Robert Beard

Sue Saathoff

Dan Smith

Margaret Switzer

Don Hubert

Rickie Garcia

Marvin Wilson

Linda Nelson

David Gonzales

Charlene Goulart

Mike Maguire

Cross-Class Couplings

Both individuals are CVHS alumni.

Teri Barklow '68

John Brophy

Jim Shields '65

Linda Davidson

Pam Applewhite '68

Bill Burke

Boni Davi

Mike Dilley '66

Sheri Dumas '69

Ray Davis

Patti D'Aquino '68

Bill Dayton

Sue Evans '70

Tom Dirks

Karen Angi '68

Steve Hatch

Mary Kelley
 Jerry Manzer '63  

Carol Manwill

Ray Anderson '66

Linda Dumas '68

Leslie Olson
Kathleen Huber '68
Ken Palmer

Judy Smith

Roger Bellamy '65

Leslie Stewart

Carl Massey '69

Michelle Ferriera '70

Steve Artis


Decided solo was better.

Sue Donahue '67

Bob Sherman '67

Pat McCullough '67

Deena Gaudette '68

Charlie Roberts '67

Kathy Rodriquez '67

Konnie Kadel '67

Tony Ferrante'67

Cathy Witterholt '67

Steve Jilka '66 

Shirley Anderson '67

Dennis Ferguson '67

Sheri Herschbach '67

Larry Barrick '67

Janice Thomas '67

Don Rath '67

Laura Miller '67

Larry Merrill '67