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Spirit Day:  Staying up half the night putting up the booths for the carnival, watching student swing that sledge hammer into that old wreck and hardly making a dent, the sideshow of Mike Johnson and Dave Dubois with Dave as the belly dancer, the Shin siblings competing in the watermelon eating contest and the class tug-of-war with the seniors winning.  - Roger Hawkins
Those of you who had Jim Woolum for math can remember him telling us how his past alumni always remember him hanging from the door frame and acting like a chimpanzee.  Which he promptly and enthusiastically replicated the feat before our very eyes and had the class cracking up.  RIP Jim Woolum (see tributes page entry)  - Nat Martino
Remember how in gym class after calisthenics outside they'd make us run around the lower ball fields.  And some of us would cheat by hiding behind the ballfield backstops and wait for the class to come back out with all the sports gear - only doing a half-lap run.  - Nat Martino
Charlie Roberts and Warren Hansen got a crazy idea one weekend and made a mannequin out of old boots, overalls, flannel shirt and a gunny sack for a head.  Then they went over to Tool's Junk store over on Chestnut and bought a urinal.  They took it all out to Clayton Valley that night during the weekend.  They hauled the mannequin and urinal up into the Senior Tree and tied it there with the mannequin's head in the urinal.  Then they hung a sign on the mannequin that said Mr. Folgelstrom (that was their PE teacher).  The story doesn't end there.  Dave Roskelly and Dick Russo were discovered on campus that night by a janitor and accused them of putting the stuff in the tree.  Now, what were Dave and Dick doing on campus in the middle of the night we will only know if they add their side of the story.  Anyway they were forced to climb the tree and remove the items.  The next week Mr. Folgelstom told all his PE classes that if he found out who did it he would flunk them.  Charlie got all A's in PE and was never found out until now!  - Roger Hawkins
If you knew Charlie Roberts you know that he had  a jeep with a light blue top.  He told me he had eleven fellow students in his jeep one evening and was taking everyone over Terry Campbell's house.  As he turned off of Clayton Road he got the jeep up on two wheels with all those kids in the jeep.  When they finally arrived all the students jumped out and told Charlie they would never ride with him again.  - Roger Hawkins
On both the 30-Year and 50-Year Reunion Registration Forms classmates were asked a "What Do You Think" question. Alumni responses reveal some of their lasting memories of teachers & times at CVHS.
Memory from Dave Feere - Thought I'd share this picture from the evening of our Senior Dinner at the Claremont Hotel. L-R, Brian Graham, Mark Kerber, Gordon Griffin, Roger Johnson, Mike Segale, Jay Betts, Mike Sloan, Dave Feere, Ronnie Miller, Sam Freeman, and Marty Plaisted. According to shared recollections, we were a bit rowdy at dinner, may have been due to some earlier alcohol consumption, and were asked to leave. Tried to find the infamous laundry chutes to no avail. Proceeded to an on going party for more refreshments. By 2:30 am Brian claims to be the most sober and therefore the designated driver as we proceeded to Santa Cruz in Roger's Volkswagen bus on Highway 17. Arrived without incident, lost/ditched Gordon and Mark at Pleasure Point, found them 2 hours later at the Summit. Arrived back in Concord around 9:00 am., most of us not feeling too well. And Yes, we're all still alive. We were designated by Mr. See as CVHS's first gang, AKA, The Wochos. Photograph by Sam's Mom
For an interesting and reflective view of "50 years after graduation" - alumni should read David Walker's ('66) essay. Though he was a class 1 year senior to ours, his observations are very relevant to our alumni in time and content.