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 "Seize Truth, use it well"
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On both the 30-Year and 50-Year Reunion Registration Forms classmates were asked a "What Do You Think" question. Alumni responses reveal some of their lasting memories of teachers & times at CVHS.
30yr Reunion WDYT
50yr Reunion WDYT

Remember the "What Do You Think?" section in the Talon? It was sometimes silly & sometimes serious. Can you remember how you answered the question and would you answer the same way today after 50 years of life experiences? Can you believe what others said? Refresh your memories of the questions and the responses your classmates gave.

WDYT? Freshman Year (63-64)
WDYT? Sophmore Year (64-65)
WDYT? Junior Year (65-66)
WDYT? Senior Year (66-67)

 CVHS '67 Adds The Talon to its Website!

Discovered by Nathan Martino '67 in the dark  recesses of an 'A wing' classroom at Clayton Valley High School, in a dusty, cobwebbed, antique filing cabinet, were fifty years worth of student journalism in the form of 'The Weekly Talon'.  Using his finest powers of persuasion Nat conned, connived, convinced Hosay Jamili, journalism teacher, to loan him the afore mentioned Talons to be scanned for use on CVHS'67.  Nathan stated, "Considering that the file cabinet is unlocked and accessible to 50 years of students rifling through the contents - you can surmise what kind of "order" the issues were in.  We thought we got all the issues from 64-67 but obviously we didn't because of the improper filing system." Staying up to the wee hours of the morning scanning an untold number of issues of this student rag, his scanner, over heating to the point of a nuclear meltdown, Nat has provided us with some wonderful high school memories from 'The Weekly Talon'.

We are also on the look out for 'The Accenntia', which was a literary magazine published by the Writers Club at Clayton Valley.  If you have a copy let us know.


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Freshman Year
Sept '63-June'64
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Sophomore Year
Sept '64-June'65
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Junior Year
Sept '65-June'66
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Senior Year
Sept '66-June'67
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