"Once Upon a Time at CVHS ..."

Cast of Characters
(in order of appearance)
Mr Silver HelmutDale Barker
Red Tee ShirtVic Holtzer
On LookersStan Trent
Bob Newkirk
Mr ShadesBob Thomason
Blond in StripesLoretta Klippel
Girl in Orange Cheryl Plant
Mr Whip Cream FaceUnknown
GawkersCarroll Shearer
Donn Setterquist
2nd GawkersBill Emery
John Keithly
Mickey Fitzgerald
Running Blue ShirtCharlie Roberts

Do you see anyone else that you recognize that isn't mentioned? Did you see yourself? Email Roger Hawkins and he will add your name to the list.
Thanks to Joan (Kleinmaus) Fischer for donating the video so that we can enjoy it.
Walking in BackgroundDixon Graham
Mr Big HatDavid Dubois
Two BlondsLoretta Klippel
Joan Kleinmaus
Hawaiian ShirtRoss Lee
Water BalloonSteve Hamm
Mud GirlPeggy Ash
Close UpNancy Hutchinson
Egg Toss Shake Your BootyPamela Morgan
Mr GlassesMike Johnson
Melodrama PlayersJoan Kleinmaus
Carroll Shearer
Mike Johnson
Bathing BeautyLoretta Klippel