Linda Bacciglieri
Brent Baird
Jerry Baker
Darrell Baker
Jon Ball
Larry Ball
Shelly Bardacos
Nora Bardsley
Dale Barker
Bob Barnes
James Barnes
Tim Barnes
Dennis Barnette
Darra Barr
Katherine Barrett
Larry Barrick
June Barton
Virginia Bary
Sharon Bates
Fran Baughman
Kathy Beard
Robert Beard
Rick Beberg
Tom Bebout
Chere Beck
Cheryl Beck
Andy Becker
Rosemary Berich
Christine Berry
Lynn Berry
Danielle Bettencourt
Jay Betts
Gary Bianconi
Bruce Bignami
Sandy Billiau
Tom Billings
Virginia Bilodeau
Chris Bird
Carl Bish
Chuck Blachly
Dennis Bledsoe
Sandy Blincoe
Charles Boone
Ron Borba
Bob Bowden
Mike Boyer
Ron Branvold
John Breece
Barbara Brighton
Larry Briscoe
Bob Briscoe
Randy Brix
Eric Brooks
John Brophy
Sue Brothers
Connie Brown
Steve Brown
Jerry Brumfield
Bill Burke
Sharon Burnett
Sallyann Burns
Don Burror
Allan Burt
Rich Bush
George Butler
Shar Byars

 Linda Bacciglieri Davi Concord, CA
 Brent Baird Brent retired as Captain from the Fairfield Police Department. Fairfield, CA
 Jerry Baker Jerry passed away in Concord, February, 2009. Concord, CA
 Darrell Baker
 Jon Ball
 Larry Ball Deceased

Last Bio: Larry retired from International Aero as a supervisor in the Seattle area. I/A overhauls interiors of various Boeing and McDonnell-Douglass commercial airliners. He also had his Harley motorcycle.
 Stockton, CA
 Shelly Bardacos
 Nora Bardsley Deceased - see Tribute
 Dale Barker Deceased - see Tribute Katy, TX
 Bob Barnes
 James Barnes
 Tim Barnes  Sacramento, CA
 Dennis Barnette
 Darra Barr Caulk
 Katherine Barrett Burch  Camino, CA
 Larry Barrick Loan Officer at First Capital.
Realtor/Agent at Coldwell Banker North Orange County.
 Yorba Linda, CA
 June Barton Gilmer, TX
 Virginia Bary Virginia was a potter for several years, but decided to join Wells Fargo for a career that would provide for better financial security.She recently retired from Wells Fargo and is splitting her time between Berkeley and Macdoel. Macdoel, CA
 Sharon Bates
 Fran Baughman
 Kathy Beard Rivers Fair Oaks, CA
 Robert Beard Bob is married to Linda Grexton.  Clovis, CA
 Rick Beberg John Brophy told me Rick is teaching school in the Nevada City - Grass Valley Area Nevada City, CA
 Tom Bebout Retired. Former Owner at Excel Pest Control.  Elkland, MO
 Chere Beck Copeland Deceased - Died of cancer in Placerville 1999
 Cheryl Beck Greene attended CVHS as Junior & Senior Citrus Heights, CA
 Andy Becker Agloro Former Executive Director at Legal Aid of Sonoma County. Former Administrator, Division of Field Services at Legal Services Corporation. Former Conference Director at National Legal Aid & Defender Association. Studied at California Concordia College. Studied at Alan Hancock College.  Santa Maria, CA
 Rosemary Berich
 Christine Berry Tainter Works at Orland Ca and Orland Livestock Auction  Corning, CA
 Lynn Berry Giuliani I'm about 80% retired still accepting a few assignments if they are in great places and one client that treats me like a queen and I can take Bella with me (My special 5 1/2 lb long haired Chihuahua). I formed a training and consulting business after 25 years in Banking. I then earned the title of Certified Speaking Professional through the National Speakers Association. I was also a speaker on Cruise Ships.  Lynden, WA
 Danielle Bettencourt
 Jay Betts Point Richmond, CA
 Gary Bianconi I've been a professional intuitive body and energy worker for people and animals since 1968. After high school and before moving to Washington in 1974, I apprenticed for five years with a Chiropractor in Weed and an Osteopath in Mt. Shasta. They were my mentors and even though they passed on years ago they continue to live on in my heart.

While attending College of the Siskiyou's in Weed I discovered my talent and love of acting. It seemed that the more completely I embodied my character, the less chance there was of stuttering. Like many of us, one of my biggest fears is speaking or reading in front of people. Becoming an actor taught me how to more fearlessly incorporate who I truly am into my everyday life. I will remain eternally grateful for those life changing experiences.

In '74 I moved to Washington State and settled around the Bellingham area. I moved there to learn various natural healing arts including acupuncture. While studying I supported myself by making jewelry, being a handyman and a massage therapist.

Around 1976 I married and started a company that specialized in fine jewelry and art pieces made with fossilized ivory. The ivory came from Woolly Mammoth and Mastodon tusks and teeth. The last of them died as recently as 75,000 years ago but some were roaming the Earth as long as 4,000,000 years ago. Our company grew quickly and fortunately did very well. Our products were featured in many high line jewelry and art stores worldwide and we were often commissioned to make special order scrimshaw and carved pieces for people like Gerald and Betty Ford, Liberace, Jackie Gleason, John Denver, the ruling family of Kuwait and various rich and famous people from around the world. Most of those people from back in the day have also passed on.

...... Gary's Biography Continued click here
 Mt. Shasta, CA
 Bruce Bignami

I taught Art with Mr. Enemark for 17 years and the class of 67 was my first homeroom class.. D's, and E's. Some of you most likely are old by now, I however am not that much older. I would like to be notified when and where your 50th will be and maybe I would drop by.  Walnut Creek, CA
 Sandy Billiau Jensen Married almost 25 years, 3 children working for School Dist in Business office. Best friends with Sue (Cross) Beets '67  Galt, CA
 Tom Billings deceased
 Virginia Bilodeau Gramm Galt, CA
 Chris Bird
 Carl Bish Deceased
 Chuck Blachly Deceased - Chuck passed away May 1994 and is survived by his wife Monica.
 Dennis Bledsoe

Dennis is still coaching swimming and water polo for CVHS
 Sandy Blincoe
 Charles Boone Concord, CA
 Ron Borba Now I’m retired but I was a Gardener.  Concord, CA
 Bob Bowden
 Mike Boyer
 Ron Branvold  Oroville, CA
 John Breece Deceased - John passed away on May 11, 2007 in Lompoc, California at the age of 59 due to an infection while getting chemo therapy for his eshopagus and liver cancer. His kids have created a memorial website which can be viewed click here.  Mariposa, CA
 Barbara Brighton Kelley After college Barbara spent many years as a university administrator and also taught in the Business Administration Program. She left the university and transformed into an artist, but was hired back at the university to write the faculty handbook and create their web page. Will return to 'real life' - as an artist, painter, drawer - this summer. Traveled in China, England, France. Divide living between home in The Sea Ranch and home in Santa Rosa, CA. Two children, a daughter just out of college, working in the wine business, and son, still in college and also working in the wine business. Both kids are single, no grandkids. Husband of many years, Jay Kelley, (College Park HS) works independently in computer wizardry. Two of my sisters, Mary, CVHS 66 and Carol, CVHS 68 live in Berkeley area. The rest of the Brighton clan (all 12) are scattered around the west coast. Find Barbara on this website
 The Sea Ranch, CA
 Larry Briscoe deceased
 Bob Briscoe Original Bio: After 20 years as a mortgage banker/broker in Walnut Creek, Myrna and I decided in 1995 to simplify our lives. We said goodbye to Clayton and converted our second home at The Sea Ranch on the Sonoma coast to our primary residence. I managed Timberhill Ranch, an upscale resort, eventually becoming the construction manager when the resort was being re-redeveloped. When the project was canceled after 5 years of development & construction and deciding 10 years on the coast was just too remote, Myrna and I decided to explore the Oregon Trail and have settled in downtown Eugene, Oregon. I'm now with the City of Eugene in their Planning & Community Development Dapartment as a Project Manager for Block Grant rehab funded projects and walk the 9 blocks to work. Life is good!
UPDATE 6/29/2020: We’ve moved from Oregon to the Midwest - Washington, MO. We’ve been busy getting settled and adjusting to our new time zone and weather. It’s been pretty steamy the past couple of days. But it surely makes for beautiful mornings and evenings.
 Washington, MO
 Randy Brix
or at work
I Married Susan Shabel of Moraga in 1973. We have two children, Ryan (30), and Stacy (28). I got my teaching credential in 1974 and have been a high school educator for over 30 years. Currently I'm the Associate Superintendent of Instructional Services for the Shasta Union High School District--amazing what a wild kid from Concord, California ended up doing. Sue and I live on a few acres in a small community east of Redding called Palo Cedro where we have a vineyard and winery. Ryan is a Chemical Engineer with Chevron currently working in Kazakhstan, and Stacy is a high school Health teacher at Monte Vista High School in Danville, CA. I've had a great life, family and career and I'm looking forward to retirement in a few years.  Palo Cedro, CA
 Eric Brooks My sister-in-law set me up on a blind date with her next door neighbor in 1978 and we were married in 8 months; 33 years later still together with a step-son and our daughter. We have a 16 year old grandson and a one month old grandaughter. While in high school I started working Retail and remained in that industry for 39 years, retiring in 2004.After retiring I began working Real Estate and partnered with John Brophy; we have remained friends since high school. We often joke about my marriage saving our lives due to our compulsive excesses before then, probably more truth to this than we want to admit.

UPDATE 10/23/19: Well, after 70 years in NorCal I am moving to Lacey Washington to be near my two granddaughters who will be 7 & 5 in November!! Not sure who is more excited, them or me. My daughter and her husband moved to Olympia for work, he is a fireman at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. My son and his family remain in Fairfield so I will be making trips back to visit. I expect to be there by the end of November; I may know a Realtor that can help sell my home in Fairfield! Any of you CV “expats” in Washington can tag me via FB if you like or any other CV grads for that matter.
 Lacey, WA
 John Brophy After a stint with the Marine Corps I married Teri Barklow (CVHS 68) in 1970. We've been married 36 years and have two children, Eric is 27 and married to a wonderful girl he met while attending University of Pacific and is a mortgage broker in California and Idaho. Karyn is 25, single and works for channel 13 in Sacramento, after graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Teri is a first grade teacher's aide in Roseville, CA at Maidu Elementary School and I have been selling real estate in Roseville since 1991. Eric Brooks (CVHS 67) works with me. I love traveling with the University of Pacific men's basketball team, coached by fellow CVHS 67 grad Bob Thomason and the team bus is driven by Stan Trent CVHS 67 !! Go Eagles..
UPDATE: John moved to Phoenix, still selling real estate but left California to be closer to his granddaughters that basically have him wrapped around their little fingers. The oldest is 8 and will turn 9 in December and the youngest just turned 3. THEY'RE GREAT. He's married to Teri Barklow (CVHS 68) and they've been married 46 yrs.
 Phoenix, AZ
 Sue Brothers Foltz Jones  Tucson, AZ
 Connie Brown
 Steve Brown I moved to Phoenix in the late 70's and got into the computer reseller industry in the early 80's. Had the role of general manager until 1998 and my branch was involved with computer systems, networks, data communications, etc. It had 230 employees and revenues slightly over $100 Million, so it kept me busy. Started an IT consulting and staffing firm in late 1998 (Grayhawk Technologies). UPDATE: Steve sold his consulting firm and now works for the electrical provider in Arizona. He travels all over the state testing, inspecting etc. sub-stations and any upgrades to the power grid. He says he loves his job. Steve is married and lives with his wife in Phoenix area.  Phoenix, AZ
 Jerry Brumfield
 Bill Burke Bill married Pam Applewhite, CVHS '68. Austin, TX
 Sharon Burnett Studied at Brigham Young University.  Folsom, CA
 Sallyann Burns
 Don Burror Carson City, NV
 Allan Burt I Left CVHS summer of 66 for a small high school on the EAST side of Yosemite Park called Lee Vining. Total number of students was 150. School over looks Mono Lake. After graduation went to Los Angles and went to school and worked In 1969 I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force. My job was to store, assemble, transport Bombs, Nerve agents and Nuclear weapons. Spent six months on Okinawa building bombs for B 52s and a year in Viet Nam building bombs and ducking incoming. When I returned from Nam I was stationed in Nevada supervising the storage, handling and transporting of nuclear weapons. After four years I was given an Honorable Discharge. Worked in Lodi at a rubber plant and in 1975 was sworn in as a Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriff. During the next 29 years I spent four years in the jail, 21 years as a "street cop" working such diverse areas as North Richmond and West Pittsburg as well as Danville, Alamo, and Orinda. 20 years on the SWAT team and the last four years as a Deputy Coroner. Two of the high profile cases I worked were the "Danville Nanny" and Laci Peterson.  I have two sons--26 and 23 years old. My oldest in the Navy and is on Submarines at Sub Base Bangor outside Seattle Washington. I am on my second marriage now of 15 years to a Walnut Creek girl.  In 2004 I retired. In 2006 my wife retired from being a legal secretary for over 31 years. After living in the SF Bay Area we decided that California was no longer the state we both grew up in and we now live on Maui. I am in the process of re modeling our house, enjoying the sunsets and the beach. Maui, HI
 Rich Bush "Take a trip on a Harley" Burney, CA
 George Butler
 Shar Byars Santa Ana, CA
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