Cheryl Farmer
Dave Feere
Deborah Feere
Pat Felber
Dennis Ferguson
Sam Ferguson
Tony Ferrante
Kathy Ferro
Kathy Findlay
Geoff Fink
Barry Fisher
Mickey Fitzgerald
Ron Fitzhugh
Mary Fletcher
Carol Foskett
Linda Foster
Gary Foster
Clint Fouch
Jack Frank
Sam Freeman
Sherry Freeman
Tom Frost
Kathleen Fudge
Joanne Furusho

 Cheryl Farmer
 Dave Feere Superintendent for construction firm building clean environment structures. Married 26 years. I'm on the cusp of full retirement, presently working part time into late 2013 starting/finishing a Bechtel power plant in Hayward as a superintendent  Petaluma, CA
 Deborah Feere Campbell Antioch, CA
 Pat Felber Stringer Walnut Creek, CA
 Dennis Ferguson Deceased - see Tributes
Dennis had a career in the Navy and retired as a Master Chief.
  Honolulu, HI
 Sam Ferguson
 Tony Ferrante Brentwood, CA
 Kathy Ferro Freeman Reno, NV is my home. I have two children who have blessed me with 6 wonderful grandchildren. Since moving to Reno in 1981 I've worked as an Office Manager in the Mining Industry. I am currently semi-retired and enjoying doing contract work as well as continuing on the Education Committee for Nevada Mining Association .  Reno, NV
 Kathy Findlay Davis "I've been known to practice the hula (a new passion) on the picnic table once the blender warms things up a bit! However in my 'other' life, I'm a 6th grade teacher (30th year...) in San Jose and now have custody of my almost 5 year old cousin Haley. Better late than never ... it's finally pink and lavender and hair bows!!! I'm looking forward to hearing from any of you guys!" Flash to June 2006... I retired after teaching 34 years at a middle school in San Jose...a little earlier than I'd thought, but I decided if I was going to make a longtime "dream come true..." moving to Hawaii... May 2011 - Haley is now 14 and graduating from the 8th grade. So we're here in Waikoloa on the Big Island, both still enjoying our hula classes, but NOT all the earthquakes... CA wasn't this bad! Let me know if you're ever here visiting...  Waikoloa, HI
 Geoff Fink Deceased  Benicia, CA
 Barry Fisher Superintendent at JM Lowe & Company. Former Superintendent at Huser Construction Company. Former Superintendent at Okland Construction. Former Superintendent at Embree Group of Companies.  Kerrville, TX
 Mickey Fitzgerald After CVHS, I went to DVC then SF State. Graduated from SF State in Poli Sci. Moved to Hawaii in 1973 to work for NCR Corp and got trained in IT. Moved back to Norcal in 1978 to work in microcomputers. Started IT consulting in the early 80s and never again worked for anyone else. Still working today in a family technology business with my son, wife and brother in Concord.

Met my wife 40 years ago on a business trip to Dayton, Ohio. We mostly goofed off with Don Hubert and Mag Switzer until we turned 40. Then we had our son and settled down. And our son graduated from both CVHS and SF State.
Concord, CA
 Ron Fitzhugh Deceased
 Mary Fletcher Van Der Groen  Concord, CA
 Carol Foskett Thomas Vacaville, CA
 Linda Foster Garrett Worked at Martinez Unified School District. Studied at Diablo Valley College. Martinez, CA
 Gary Foster Worked at The Lord Jesus Christ. Studied at L.I.F.E. Bible College.  Grants Pass, OR
 Clint Fouch
 Jack Frank  Clayton, CA
 Sam Freeman  San Jose, CA
 Sherry Freeman deceased
 Tom Frost Red Bluff, CA
 Kathleen Fudge
 Joanne Furusho Jacobson  Hilo, HI

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