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Mike Lafever
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 Diane Labrie Cultrera  
 Mike Lafever  
 Steve Lafitte    
 Judy Lage  
 Kathy Lamb Fastabend  Brentwood, CA
 Leslie Lange Craig  
 Pamm Lawler   Placerville, CA
 Minnie Lawrence Blalock  
 Sharon Lawrence Kendrick I'm now settled in Rossmoor (Oh, no!  I can't be old enough for that!) though we're still part of the working world....and we' lovin' it here!  (We call it Disneyland!)  I work in Oakland, and enjoy kids and grandkids.  Walnut Creek, CA
 Alan Leavitt   Boulder City, NV
 Fran Leavitt Bowman  Brentwood, CA
 Larry Lee    Studied at Humboldt State University.  Concord, CA
 Wallace (Bill) Lee Deceased - Bill died in a auto accident on Interstate 80 while returning from Reno shortly after graduation.    
 Ross Lee Deceased  
 Aidita LeRoy  
 Debbie Lett Bernstein Retired. Studied at UCSB.  Portland, OR
 Bob Lewis  
Elaine Lindermann  
 Karen Lindgren Anderson
 El Dorado, CA
 Susan Linn On April Fools Day 2005 I retired from the City of Concord after 33 years in Parks and Recreation. I continued to indulge my passion for adventure travel with the Inka trail to Machu Picchu, Manu jungle in Peru, Dias de los Muertos in Oaxaca, Mexico, the kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas, Bali, Singapore and a month-long road trip through the Southwest and the Rockies.
A few years ago I got a new puppy and that has limited my travels since then. But it is all good, especially as I am about to celebrate six years as a breast cancer survivor.
I have not kept up with anyone from high school but now I find myself actually looking forward to the reunion. I can't believe it has been 45 years!
 Bay Point, CA
 Stephen Lloyd  
 Tom Lockyer From internet research:  Tom graduated from Sacrameto State, taught at Concord High, taught in Germany and in Montana.  Went to graduate school and is now a Superintendent of Schools in Washington State.

UPDATE (2/4/18): From Tom: Well, once again was unable to attend the 50th but certainly looked like everyone was having a great time. Lady's rocked the dancing as would be expected. Dunley needs some dance lessons but nice try.

Some updates since 1997. Sadly, we lost our son to a brain tumor in March of 2000. He was a great young man with ambitions to play on the PGA tour. Played on the Nike a few times but the tumor took his skills quickly.

We retired at the end of the 2012-13 SY. I was the Superintendent at White River School District at the foot of Mt. Rainier. About 3000 students. It was so rewarding to make a difference with kids in a leadership roll as well as when teaching. We moved to Tennessee and are there still today.

For the past 30 years we have breed and shown dogs in AKC competitions. Our dogs have shown at Westminster or the Nationals (Eucanuba/Royal Canin) almost every year. Awards of Merit and specialty wins but no breed wins. Maybe this year. They fill a huge void left losing Dave.

We will celebrate our 49th anniversary on a cruise to Alaska this year and our 50th next year on safari in Africa and a trip to Fiji. We are very lucky, healthy and stay that way playing golf and chasing our dogs around the states in our motorhome.

Wishing everyone a healthy and joyous life. Would love to hear from anyone, facebook is under Kathleen, email is tklockyer@gmail.com.

- Tom
 Brighton, TN
 Bob Lofgren Former Teacher at Ustach Middle School. Former Teacher at Stockard Coffee School.  Modesto, CA
 Mike Longo When the draft went to the lottery, I was the second birthday picked and so I elected to enlist into the National Guard. I trained as a track and wheel mechanic, but for some reason they sent me to Airborne school. So I knew how to jump out of perfectly good aircraft also. When I got back, I worked as a mechanic at night and went to D. V. C. in the daytime. I got married to my first wife and had to quit college, but eventually I hired on with PG&E and have been there ever since as Construction Foreman in Antioch. Through the years I was a Journeyman Equipment Operator, which really loved, a certified welder, gas and arc, which I also liked, and supervised for a year, but hated it. I have 23 months until retirement and I can't wait. I'm happily married 4 with children, 2 grandchildren and living in Oakley.   Oakley, CA
 Gregory Lorenzetti Greg owns and operates a cleaning business in Carson City. UPDATE: Greg Lorenzetti is also doing well. He owned a cleaning business in Reno and recently sold it to retire. He's been working on his house that recently flooded while he and his wife were away and enjoying travel.  Dayton, NV
 Mike Lyon