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 Constance Wade
 Robert Wagner  
 Stephen Wagner Steve has said goodbye to agribusiness and has made a career change. He's now an appraiser with Tehema County assessors office, but usually can be found with his neighbor, Dave Pooler, fishing on the Upper Sacramento River.     Tehema, CA
 Sharon Waldon
 Kathy Walker Beede I graduated from UC Davis and have been teaching in the Davis area for the past 30 years. My husband is the CEO of a computer services corporation. We have three children who are all currently in college. I am pretty sure that I would need a good stiff drink while reconnecting with my high school chums. Since there won't be a bar at the park, I'll have to skip this one. Let me know if you hold the next reunion at an upscale venue in San Francisco."   Mill Valley, CA
 Roger Walker Burney, CA
 Janet Walkotte  
 Doris Walsh Diel It was great to see so many people recently at our 50th reunion. My updated picture is of my two grown kids, the joy and loves of my life. I am a retired RN and live in Atascadero in San Luis Obispo County. Now spend my time as a hobbyist beekeeper, volunteer for Casa and wanna be golfer. My husband and I enjoy our family, cycling and occasional traveling. I've mainly stayed in touch with Barbara (Rubino) Bernadette and Gayle (Craybaugh) Rupf but would love to see other classmates too (more often than every 5 or 10 years!)  Atascadero, CA
 Kathy Warda McNickle   Concord, CA
 Marilyn Washicko I graduated from Chico State, then many years later got my Master's from UC Berkeley.  Have been teaching English at Benicia HS for the past 30 years. I still keep in touch with Pam Wood, Michele Amorde, Nancy Hutchinson, and Debbi Stanley.   Martinez, CA
 Terri Waterman Morean Worked at Amador County Unified School District.  Jackson, CA
 Marilyn Watson
 James Weathers Now I’m retired but I was an Operations Foreman for an Irrigation Canal.  Orland, CA
 Tom Weaver Deceased
 Gary Webbenhurst After graduation I attended Sac State earning a BA in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling. I worked as a police officer for the City of Davis for a few years. I was offered a counseling position at Sac State and spent the remainder of my career at the university in various counseling and administrative positions. I served for several years as the Director of Residence Halls and later as an Admissions Counselor.

I retired to Spokane Washington. I really miss Sac State, but intend to stay busy. I volunteer at several community agencies and play with my ham radios. Callsign AB7NI.
Spokane, WA
 Pamela Wehner Scott London England
 Matt Weintraut Deceased
 Ron Weller
 Marcia Wells D'Ottavio Antioch, CA
 Marilyn Welty
 Anne Wessell Kidder Studied at Diablo Valley College.  Eagle, ID
 Carl (Fred) West Deceased - see Tributes
From 1971 until 1983 I worked in at the Liberty House warehouse in Dublin CA for 12 years closed up and I went back to college at Chico State and received my BS in Agricultural Science. 1985 I was an Agronomist for; Lynetta Farms 8,000 acre alfalfa and wild rice producer and in 1987 for Interstate Seed a 2,000 acre sunflower seed producer in Willows CA. From 1990 have been working for the Contra Costa Water District as a Canal Operations Supervisor. I am living in Antioch CA with my wife and two daughters. I am looking forward to retiring in 10 years or less and cruising around the world until what little money I have runs out. This sounds good lets see what happens. Yes my High School name is Fred but when I graduated I decided that Freddy was not what I wanted to be known as so Carl which is my first name came into play. Now you know the rest of the story. This is top secret stuff. UPDATE: Fred has now retired from the Contra Costa Water District.
 Antioch, CA
 Marlette West


Well, last time I posted it was around 2007. I left New Connections in 2009 after 19 years. In 2010 my wife and I have moved to Yakima, WA to be closer to her parents.  We will be celebrating our 16th anniversary this year.
I am semi-retired but do volunteer work for Wellness House and for the State of WA Digital Archives Project.
I have been going through the on-line roster of our graduating class. It's wonderful to see the things that have transpired over the past 45 years. It is also very sad to see how many of our class have left us.
To those of you going to the reunion: have a blast! You will all be in my thoughts.
 Yakima, WA
 Mark Westenrider Concord, CA
 Dave Whitcome  
 Marilyn White Whitmore Graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in English/Psychology and an MA in English. Worked for a consulting firm as editor, writer, and instructional designer in SF and NYC for 12 years. Married to psychologist Paul Whitmore. Moved to Scottsdale, Arizona in 1991. Now do occasional freelance writing and editing for Harcourt and Scholastic. But my main activity (and joy) these days is breeding Shetland Sheepdogs and showing them in conformation, obedience, and agility.  Scottsdale, AZ
 ; Jon Whitney    Concord, CA
 Judi Whitson deceased (see tributes)   Bloomington, IN
 Linda Wichelman Nevada City, CA
 Guy Wilhelm deceased
 David Wilhite
Ogden, UT
 Shirley Wilkerson Jacobson deceased - Shirley passed away unexpectedly in late 2002, apparently from complications which arose during a routine medical procedure.  
 Pamela Williams Caughron   Gardnerville, NV
 Pat Williams
 Karen Willoughby
 Marvin Wilson Sadly Marv passed away in September of 2009 from complications of diabetes.  
 George Wilson
 Rita Wimmer  
 Bill Wine  Bill passed away on March 25, 2011   Concord, CA
 Denny Wingerd
 Jacque Winslow Russell Former Hotel Front Desk Clerk at Terrible's Hotel and Casino. Former Counseling Assistant - Ayala High School at Chino Valley Unified School District. Former Paraeducator - Boys Republic at Chino Valley Unified School District. Attended Diablo Valley College.  Santa Rosa,CA
 Rebecca Winslow Deceased - Becky contracted a viral infection on her travels to Europe and died soon after graduation.      
 John Winter Fairfield, CA
 Mike Wirth Deceased.  Fairfield, CA
 Janice Wisnefski Laakso I have heard from friends that Janice is still working for Zerox but has moved to Laguna Beach, CA   Laguna Beach, CA
 Cathy Witterholt Mabry After high school, Cathy married Steve Jilka (CVHS '66) and had her son Aaron. They moved to San Diego where she lived for 10 years, eventually working as a manager at San Diego State University. She and Steve divorced and she moved back to Sonoma County in 1982. She got her management degree at Sonoma State University and married Bill Mabry in 1987. She had her daughter Hannah in 1990! Cathy had her own business as a private vocational rehabilitation counselor in the worker's compensation system. She retired in 2004. Aaron lives in San Diego and is married with three children. Bill is a partner in a company building senior housing throughout the West coast. Their daughter Hannah is now a junior in high school and a serious equestrian, competing in jumper classes on the northern California circuit. Cathy is a school board member for the local elementary school in Forestville, CA and works part-time planning events for Bill's company. Life is good and she says "hi" to everyone.  Forestville, CA
 Bob Wolfe Deceased - see tribute  Georgetown, CA
 Janice Wolff Dedrich Suisun, CA
 Pamela Wood Graham Livermore, CA
 Ann Woods Dadami I worked in customer service mostly in the food industry. Not retired, working for my brother, taking reservations for his Limo company. First and foremost - I was a mom!  Pittsburg, CA
 Barbara Worth Rush I worked at the A&W in high school if anyone remembers. We had great times there and that is where I met my husband. He was a cook and I was a carhop! After high school I graduated from DVC in '69 and went on to Cal State Hayward where i graduated with a double major in Sociology and Early Childhood Education. Jon and I were married after college and moved to Berkeley where I worked at the Wells Fargo Bank and he eventually worked in insurance in San Francisco. We couldn't take all the growth that was happening in the Bay Area so after a 6 month trip across the country and to Europe (Including behind the iron curtain in Romania and Bulgaria) in 1975 we had the opportunity to move to Montana with Jon's job and took it. We loved Montana from the first day and have never looked back in spite of cold winters. I was able to get a teaching job right away and taught elementary school here for 30 years. We have two children, Christina was born in 1978 and is a Doctor of Molecular Biology. She just got her first job to teach and do research at a 4 year college here. Our son was born in 1980. Ben is a pharmacist here and Married last September. No grandchildren yet but we are still hoping!
Michelle Bachman and
Barbara Worth Rush
Helena, MT
 Edie Wyatt Judd Hi, this is Edie Wyatt Judd checking in... didn't think you'd be interested in me because I left Clayton Valley in March of my graduating year. Yes, I will always think of CVHS as my school, but I graduated from Cupertino High. Have a great day!
 Terry Wyatt Deceased   Chico, CA