Susan Saathoff
Bruce Sacco
Barbara Sanders
Christine Schmid
Johnny Schoger
Robert Scoles
Chris Scrimiger
Mike Seale
Cathy Sears
Betty Jo Secrist
Mike Segale
Fred Seilhan
Sherry Seilhan
Phillis Self
Gloria Self
Donn Setterquist
Gordon Shank
Jim Shapleigh
Mark Shaw
Carroll Shearer
Wallace Sheldon
Bob Sherman
Ed Shinn
George Shinn
Jerry Short
Dave Shortridge
Dennis Shryock
Joyce Silva
Marion Silver
Ron Simmons
Deanna Simms
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Lancer Smith
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Frank Stroud
Barbara Sullivan
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Steve Swaffar
Gwen Swan
Valerie Swartz
Tom Switzer
Margaret Switzer

 Susan Saathoff Smith Susan married Dan Smith. Studied at California State University at Hayward. Studied at Diablo Valley College.  Placerville, CA
 Bruce Sacco deceased  
 Barbara Sanders  
 Christine Schmid Vlastelica  Castaic, CA
 Johnny Schoger Store Owner at Southern Gospel Music Connection. Self-Employed.  Las Vegas, NV
 Robert Scoles Within 9 months of graduating I was in the Army.  After a short tour in Germany I did a tour in Viet Nam.  After returning to the States I spent a couple of years at DVC using up my VA education benefits.  Bummed around, not accomplishing much.  Got married and divorced.  In 1982 I relocated to the Monterey Bay area and met my wife, Barbara.  We were married in 1984 and have "lived happily ever after".  Barb and I are retired, she from Thomas J. Lipton and myself from the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs' Office.  Barb is a woodcarver and her work can be seen at or .  I am a professional volunteer, researcher, and environmental activist.  I currently volunteer with Okeanis (otter and coastal bottle nosed dolphin research group), the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (3 programs), the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and the Elkhorn Slough National Estaurine Research Reserve.  My field research partner, Ron Eby, and I have studied the otters of Elkhorn Slough since 2007 when we hooked up with Dr. Daniela Maldini.  Our field work and collaboration with others has led to several papers being published.  We are currently involved in documenting otter behavior in a tidal wetlands.  This behavior has not been observed since the last otters in San Francisco Bay were killed in the 1840's.  During the research I spend time taking videos of the otters and their behaviors.  Some of the earlier videos are used by the Reserve and Friends of the Sea Otter.  If you do the following on-line search, Robert Scoles sea otter videos, you should find several of them.  We are doing presentations of our work to interested groups.  Aromas, CA
 Chris Scrimiger Went to DVC, then graduated from San Jose State (B.A. History) in 1971. Unfortunate draft number led to service as a drill sergeant at Fort Ord, California between 72-76. Went to law school in San Francisco for three years while working with Contra Costa County. In 1980 went to work for the State of California Department of Real Estate as a Deputy Real Estate Commissioner (regulatory) in San Francisco. I've been with the DMV as an investigator (peace officer) for 17 years in San Jose, Salinas, and finally San Luis Obispo. I am also a private investigator (Coastal Investigations) in Cambria, California. I have two sons from a first marriage, Aaron  and Adam . I am  married to Vanessa (Vana), formerly Stinger, of Concord High 1971. We have a son Matthew. Vanessa is employed as a supervisor for Health Services at Cal Poly, SLO. I'm a retired state investigator although I'll still work occasionally for the California Statewide Law Enforcement Assn.   Also former classmate, Steve Nattkamper is my brother-in-law and he still resides in Concord. Most noteworthy accomplishment is I still have some of my hair.    Cambria, CA
 Mike Seale Mike died in a tragic gun accident at a party in Antioch, soon after graduation  
 Cathy Sears Smith I received my AA from DVC in English'69; BA English, CSUH '71; MA, Gifted Education/Multiple Intelligences '98 UCR; and have initiated work on Doctorate in Neurobiology Applications to Classroom Learning. I married in '69, and divorced in '79. I have two wonderful children and two fantastic grandchildren. Over the past few decades I sold Real Estate in both California and Washington, worked as a Interior Decorator, operated a Learning Center, taught K-9 in Washington and 4/5-GATE in California. I have been with LEUSD in Riverside '86, where I juggle a dozen opportunity hats. I bought my current home to accommodate my library of resource materials, books and videos...last move took 72 hours, and four crews of one volunteers more than once. I have tried to capitalize on the 30 hour day/ 8 days a week, but haven't been able to sell the concept to the rest of the world.  Wildomar, CA
 Betty Jo Secrist    
 Mike Segale I understand Mike is a concrete contractor in Concord  Clayton, CA
 Fred Seilhan  
 Sherry Seilhan  
 Phillis Self Now I’m retired but I was at Antioch Unified School District where I worked as a Resource Aide in Special Education.  Antioch, CA
 Gloria Self  
 Donn Setterquist See the biography for Debbi Stanley Setterquist. Former Project Director at Fluor. Studied Mechanical Engineering at UC Davis.  Henderson, NV
Gordon Shank  
 Jim Shapleigh  
 Mark Shaw I have been at Applied since late 1995. I am the Human Resources Director for the silicon product groups at Applied. It is a fast-paced, out-of-control company. Employees like to say that at Applied, seniority is translated into dog years. Every one year of seniority at AMAT is like 7 years. However, it has been a great experience for me here. Before Applied, I had spent 13 years at Lockheed in the HR field. Prior to that I was teaching at UC Davis for year in the Rhetoric Dept. and before that I was teaching at the University of Okalahoma in their Communication Department.  San Jose, CA
 Carroll Shearer Deceased - see tribute.  Edmond, OK
 Wallace Sheldon   Concord, CA
 Bob Sherman MRI Tech at Medical Center Magnetic Imaging. Former X-Ray Technologist at Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Studied X-ray technology at Foothill College. Studied at Diablo Valley College.  Concord, CA
Ed Shinn Deceased  
 George Shinn  
 Jerry Short Just wanted to say hi, and that I am alive and well in Virginia Beach. I went to Utah State University and graduated in 1972. Being number 37 on the draft lottery, I signed up for the Navy to be a medical corpsman- but had a perfect score on the aviation exam that they made me take in San Fran. So, they sent me to Pensacola to be a Pilot instead. I ended up spending 20 years in the Navy flying E-2 Hawkeyes and C-2 Greyhounds , landing on every commissioned CV while I was in. I also was stationed in Japan with VAW-115 on the USS Midway, VAW-78 in Norfolk VA, then VRC-50 at Cubi Point in the Philippines, followed by VAW 127 and Wing-12 in Norfolk, then VR-24 in Sicily flying C-2s. I have a daughter and a son (Christina and James) from my first marriage in Utah. I am now married to Isobel, from Glasgow Scotland. We have two sons (Andy and Gerald).  My oldest daughter got her Masters in Chemistry at William and Mary and married another Chemist (both are doing very well), My oldest son, James, is a network engineer who  worked for a major phone company before starting his own firm in Cleveland. Andrew still lives with us at home in Virginia Beach and my youngest son, Gerald, is an Engineering Student at Old Dominion University. My parents moved to Virginia Beach in 86 when it became apparent that the Navy was not going to station me in California. Since retiring from the Navy in 93, I ended up in Virginia Beach and have been employed by an engineering management consulting firm working as a consultant and senior analyst on various Military, Federal Agency, University and State government projects. When I look through the class of 67 website, I recognize and clearly remember each and every person as if I were still there. Miss you all very much and wish I had retired back in Concord.  Virginia Beach, VA
 Dave Shortridge Deceased  
 Dennis Shryock After graduation I took a job selling cars. I tired of that and on an impluse I joined the Air Force in Nov 1968 and after 22 great years I retired in Feb 1991 as a Chief Master Sergeant. While in the service I completed an AA from the Community College of the Air Force and a BS from Southern Illinois University. In March 1991 I started work with the San Francisco Housing Authority, and 15 years later I'm still there. I've been married just 2-1/2 years and have a Step-son 13.  Pleasanton, CA
 Joyce Silva Pereira   Martinez, CA
 Marion Silver Bernal   Antioch, CA
 Ron Simmons I have now worked for the Boeing company for the last 23 years. My current position is a maintenance manager responsible for the overhead crane systems in the Fabrication Division. Before Boeing I owned and operated a Plumbing company. I am still procrastinating on retirement, I really don't know why but maybe next year.
I have been married to my wife Bonnie for 40 years, and have two son's. The boy's are both married and doing well, and have given us 3 wonderful grandkids. I love to spend time with them, between sports, fishing, tea-parties, and skate boarding they keep me busy. I like to play golf, fish, cook, and spend time growing roses, so when I finally do retire I don't think I will be lacking for things to do. I hope you all are doing well and look forward to the next reunion.
 Yelm, WA
 Deanna Simms  
 Sharon Simonds deceased  
 Jay Simoneaux Deceased - see tribute.    San Francisco, CA
 Marilyn Sincich Roberts  Pleasant Hill, CA
 Lorene Sisson
 Jim Skiles Studied Applied Mathematics at UC Berkeley.  San Leandro, CA
 Mike Sloan Mike was a contractor in the Chico Area. Studied at California State University, Chico.
UPDATE 8/22/19: Mike started Due Ruscelli Winery in 2011.
 Healdsburg, CA
 Dan Smith     Dan married Susan Saathoff.  Placerville, CA
 Judy Smith Bellamy I married Roger Bellamy (CV Class of 65), we have three children, 10 grandchildren.  We moved from Concord in 2002 to the foothills in Oroville, CA.  I have been working at the Butte County Office of Education for the last five years and will be retiring in July.  Orville, CA
 Lancer (Boopie) Smith. Deceased - "Lancer always wore a big contagious smile.. I don't think anybody will ever forget that huge grin, the first time he wrestled and had his opponent on the mat in seconds....and looked over to the bench with his "...well that was easy" grin. He was a true friend to everybody and everybody was his friend. To me he is the Spirit of '67. He passed away May 8, 2002 of Cancer."   
This from Dave Feere: "I knew Boopie since kindergarten and in all those years, his zest for life, and his pure innocence were always at the fore front of his personality. A more unique individual we'll never meet. The class of '67 has lost one of our best." For a wonderful article about Lancer, please click here.
 Lazy Mountain, AK
 Mike Smith  
 Paul Smith  
 Sandy Smith  
 Barbara Smothers Simpson  
 Patti Snow Sincich  Martinez, CA
 Gary Snyder   Concord, CA
 Marilyn Snyder Marilyn passed away March 15, 2014.  This was her latest biography.  I went to work for Bank of America as a secretary right out of high school.  I married Pat Sisler in 1973 and had my beautiful daughter in 1975.  Even though I failed Mr. Brown's Algebra class in my freshman year, I went on to a career in banking for B of A and Wells Fargo for 30 years.  I then became an Office Manager for a landscape development company and more recently worked seasonally for the IRS.  Don't hold that against me!  I am now retired and enjoy spending time with my family which includes two grandsons.  I have traveled quite a bit (Ann Woods Dadami and I have been to Europe twice) and my favorite second home is Hawaii.  Fresno, CA
 Ron Snyder  Dallas, TX
 Bill Snyder  
 Barbara Somerville  
 Leslie Sours deceased  
 Allen Southard   Lodi, CA
 Harry Sowle I have been living in Louisiana for the past twenty five years and working as a helicopter pilot.  In 2003 I crashed into the Gulf of Mexico and was subsequently medically retired.  In 2006 I had the honor of walking my baby daughter down the isle and in 2007 had the pleasure of watching her graduate from collage.  After experiencing some interesting times after Viet Nam, life has been pretty good; better still since I quit drinking 15 years ago.I recently wrote a novel about a woman from Viet Nam, but I doubt it will merit publication.  In any case, please, if you can, pass my hello to all the class of '67.  The email address attached to this is the company I am now working for.  I can be reached there, or my home email:  Thanks for taking the time to listen to my harangue, take care and God bless.  Maurice, LA
 Dwight Spangler   Antioch, CA
 Bonnie Spark Keithly After school and marriage in Southern California, John and Bonnie moved back north to Walnut Creek. They had three wonderful kids; a boy and two girls. They soon moved to the open space and slower pace of Redwood Valley, in Mendocino County, where John had a small business and Bonnie had three little kids, chickens, ducks, turkeys, a huge veggie garden, dogs, cats etc. It was heaven, for awhile. In 1984, they moved back to civilization, in Monterey County this time. The kids grew up, got their degrees and are all healthy, doing well, and have beautiful families of their own.....8 grandchildren in all. Bonnie is retired from the Business Office at the Monterey County Office of Education. John retired last year from the Department of Corrections, where he was a vocational instructor. We live near Laguna Seca Raceway and are loving this chapter of life. Our days are busy with what we want to do and our schedule is our own. Being grandparents is pure joy. We feel truly blessed. Greetings and very best wishes.  Salinas, CA
 Ray Spear  
 Sue Spittler Swettenham Studied at California State University, Sacramento.  Sacramento, CA
 Mark Spohn Graduated from UCSB with a degree in Political Science. Came out as a gay man during my senior year of college to begin my journey into authenticity. 35 years in the commercial real estate industry. Vice President in the Corporate Real Estate Division of Bank of America, then started my own commercial real estate business in 1988, Spohn Commercial, Inc. Currently live in Palm Springs after 30 years in Los Angeles.  It's all good. Interested in Modernism, Architecture & Design, Preservation of historic Buildings, Community Involvement.  Palm Springs, CA
John Sroka      Salt Lake City, UT
 Debbi Stanley Setterquist Donn and I are now retired.  Seems that happened all to soon.  No complaints though as we are traveling, while we still can, and enjoying not having a schedule.  We live in two states now.  In addition to Fountain Valley, CA you can also find us in Henderson, Nevada.  When in California we love spending time with our spunky granddaughter who is growing up way to fast.  Looking forward to our next reunion.  Fountain Valley, CA
 Leslie Stewart Massey I still teach a few classes for the local hospital but consider myself a semi-retired RN.  My husband, Carl Massey is a retired high school math teacher & coach.  Our 3 grown children are somewhat scattered over the planet.  The oldest is still in northern CA, the second lives in Brooklyn NY, & the third lives in Tokyo, Japan.   El Dorado Hills, CA
 Paula Stewart Goldman   Falmouth, MA
 Susan Stimpson McKinnon  
 Sheri Stinnette  
 Bettina Stockton Deceased  
 Steve Stockwell   Gardnerville, NV
 Bob Stone "Hope you all are doing well."   Burney, CA
 Lynn Straus Paine Self-Employed. Studied at Diablo Valley College.  Camelian Bay, CA
 Steve Strawbridge  
 Frank Stroud   Red Bluff, CA
 Barbara Sullivan  
 Jerry Sullivan Married Wanda Cause, they have two children, a son 31 and a daughter 30, divorced after 18 years, re-married to Jessie Dix from Washington State. Works as a engineer in a bakery for the last 24 years.     
 Gary Swaffar I now live in Sonora, California with my wife Sharon of 28 yrs, two stepsons, two grandchildren. I work for the local community action agency in the home energy efficiency programs for low-income clients. I am a licensed contractor, focusing on energy efficiency, and indoor air quality issues.   Sonora, CA
 Steve Swaffar     
 Gwen Swan Now I’m retired but I was a Land Surveying Technician.  Loma Mar, CA
 Valerie Swartz Now I’m retired but I was a Defense Contract Auditor.  San Diego, CA
 Tom Switzer Tom passed away December 2000.  
 Margaret Switzer Hubert Maggie passed away in 1994 just after Donn's passing from a heart attach.    See tribute.